• MT-PT60

    Using the power of variable speed DC Pan / Tilt LANC control circuit built-in camera RS-422 communication method Load capacity in a compact size room Using MT-TX80, MT-TX90 and interlocked
  • MT-TX80

    LANC CAMERA dedicated remote control system - Church , studios, auditoriums, theaters, video lecture halls, conference rooms, and other unmanned transit system - Can be used in place DISPLAY or video recording is required.
  • MT-TX230

    Up to six HD camera control 4.3 "HD LCD monitor with CCU and IRIS, ND FILTER control possible AUTO / MANUAL IRIS Convertible Electronic limit applies Variable speed operation is possible when Preset Preset Memory (16ch) Use PANTILT / MT-PT230 and interlocked
  • MT-PTH330

    PANTILT / HOUSING integral to minimize vibration due to wind High magnification lens smooth operation implemented even without using a slow tremor of 0.1º rotation Aluminum die-cast housing material Using Receiver MT-RX200HD and works

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